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Dirty Bags Cornhole

All-Slides 2.0 - Pete Mitchell's Jacket (Half Set - 4 Bags)

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Pete Mitchell's Jacket Bags!

  • Bag Type: All-Slide 2.0
  • Collection: Dirty Bags Cornhole
  • Series: "Top Gun Bags - Pete Mitchells Jacket"
  • Half Set: 4 Bags  

From the greatest movie of all time, we pay tribute with the Top Gun Cornhole Bags inspired by the infamous jacket worn by Lt. Pete Mitchell

American Cornhole League Approved and Stamped

One of the Greatest Cornhole Bags on the market already!  The AllSlides 2.0 bag is a smaller template and features a slightly slower slow side than the original All Slide bags!  This allows you to cut, roll, and flop your bags much easier than ever before!  The All Slide 2.0 feels broken in after just a few down and backs!  


Cornhole Bag Orders do not come with a carry bag.  Click HERE to add a carry bag to your order.


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