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Dirty Bags Cornhole

All Slides - db Patina and Pinstripes (Set of 4)

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All Slides Cornhole Bags - db Patina and Pinstripes

  • Bag Type: All Slides
  • Collection: db
  • Series: Patina and Pintripes

For all you classic car lovers, we bring to you the Vintage looking Patina and Pinstripe edition AllSlides!

This is for a half set of the Patina and Pinstripe bags (4 total bag)

The graphics have a patina type worn look to them so when they arrive brand new they will appear to be darkened and dirty a bit.  This is totally normal and yes your bags are brand new! 

ACL Approved Cornhole Bags

The All-Slides bags feature two slick sides!  These are great for the player who does not utilize the sticky side of most standard two sided bags.  

One side features the same material found on the Game Changers bags, and the other side features the same material on the fast side of the Slide Rite series of bags.

This gives players a medium fast side and a fast side for more control when maneuvering around bags, while providing that extra slickness when needing to push a bag or two!

These bags are ACL approved!

Cornhole Bag Orders do not come with a carry bag.  Click HERE to add a carry bag to your order.



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