Custom All Slides - Slow Side Only

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Custom All Slides - Slow Side Only

This is for a full set of 8 custom All Slides 

PLEASE NOTE: There are new guidelines in place for custom AllSlides. 

  • Only the slow side is custom printed and it can be full color
  • The base color of the bags must match the current colors offered AllCornhole at this time
  • Colors of AllSlides are: Turquoise, Gray, Orange, Red, Yellow, or Green
  • The fast side will feature the standard AllSlides logo with lightning bolt designation 


If you are looking for FULL custom AllSlides with both sides full customized, please use this Custom All Slides - Full Custom Option Link. 

    Both sides of this bag are fast!  Slide Rite fast material on one side, and the Game Changer fast material on the other!

    If you have already sent your artwork and received your proof, then just checkout and your order will be underway!

    If you have not sent us your ideas or artwork, after you checkout, please be sure to send us your bag design idea with a description of the color and also any artwork you might have.  Send artwork to:


    There are no refunds/exchanges for custom printed bags.  


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