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Dirty Bags Cornhole

Game Changer Steady - db Mamba Edition

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db Mamba Edition Game Changer Steady Bags

  • Bag Type: Game Changer Steady
  • Collection: db Mamba
  • Full Set: 8 Bags (4 Yellow / 4 Purple)

The Game Changer Steady cornhole bags feature the same suede patch on the slow side as the original Game Changer bags.  The surrounding material and the fast side of the bags feature the same synthetic material found on the Slide Rite bags.  


Game Changer Steady bags play slower than original Game Changers allowing for more control on those fast playing surface, create more opportunities to block your opponents bags, and still allow for the bags to fall easily into the hole as the slow side does not have a full suede side so they won't get hung up on the edges!  


This is for an order of 8 Game Changer Steady cornhole bags featuring the Dirty Bags Cornhole logo and design.  

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