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Dirty Bags Cornhole

Game Changer Cornhole Bags - King Slayer Edition (Set of 4)

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Game Changers - King Slayer Edition

  • Bag Type: Game Changers
  • Collection: King Slayer 

King Slayer Edition Cornhole Bags

The Patch side of the bag remains standard AllCornhole print and markings. 

Red, Blue, Purple, and Black bags use white images rather than Black/Gray

ACL Approved Cornhole Bags

The Game Changer bags have been developed to have everything you like about dual sided bags but solve all of the problems that stick side bag players run into! Easy to control on the stick side but also easy to push.  The Game Changers start out a little stiff and break in quickly.  They become loose and floppy, get them near the hole and they are going in!

Cornhole Bag Orders do not come with a carry bag.  Click HERE to add a carry bag to your order.

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