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Dirty Bags Cornhole

Lucky Bags Cornhole Pro Sniper - Eye Catcher Series

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Pro Snipers Cornhole Bags - Eye Catcher Series

  • Bag Type: Medium/Fast Bags
  • Manufacturer: Lucky Bags Cornhole
  • Series: Eye Catcher
  • Set of 4 Bags
  • Speed Rating: Slow Side 6 | Fast Side 9

You are sure to elevate your game with Pro Snipers! The most popular, effective, and hole-friendly bags in the industry hands down. Pro Snipers are an alternative to the original Snipers but with a more manageable slow side that delivers a better blocking shot. The speed side is perfect for moving around and through other bags with unsurpassed control. The Pro Snipers deliver exceptional abilities to slide under humid or moisture conditions when other bags simply stick or kick off the board. Made with the highest quality fabrics and ultra-fine synthetic fill for a flatter bag and more control.  

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