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Dirty Bags Cornhole

Shag Contrast Carpet Bags - Genesis Edition

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Carpet Color

AllCornhole Shag Contrast Bags - Genesis Edition

  • Bag Type: Shag Contrast / Carpet
  • Collection: AllCornhole
  • Series: "Genesis"
  • Set: 4 Bags  

American Cornhole League Approved and Stamped

Professional Cornhole Bags!

SHAG CONTRAST: The newest carpet bag in the SHAG lineup! This bag gives you the perfect carpet side with a speed of 4-5 which you can flop and roll to your hearts content. Combine that with the fast side of a Gamechanger at a speed of 9-10 for pushing through anything the board throws at you and you may just have a carpet lovers dream bag! This bag has a slightly fuller feel so you can perform all the carpet shots you need flawlessly.

  • Set of 4 bags
  • Filled to within 1% of 15.85oz with the highest quality plastic resin on the market.
  • Non intrusive seam
  • Perfect size and fill volume - 6x6 and 1.2" thick
  • ACLPRO Stamped 2023 for tournament play


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