Slide Rites - DPL King and Queen 2021

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Dawg Pound League - "King and Queen 2021" Slide Rites

  • Bag Type: Slide Rites
  • Collection: Dawg Pound League
  • Series: DPL 2021 King and Queen Official Bags


These bags are available for purchase in the following colors:

Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Orange, Pink, and Turquoise

The King and Queen of California 2021 Tournament will be providing bags for all players to use and those will be White and Red. 

American Cornhole League Approved and Stamped 

Slide Rite Cornhole bags are ACL approved, with the same color on both sides, and have the perfect slide under any conditions.  Slow side is suede, while the fast side is a synthetic material that slides very well,  but not so fast that it is considered a speed bag.  

Cornhole Bag Orders do not come with a carry bag.  Click HERE to add a carry bag to your order.