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Spencer Makenzies Throwdown Bags - SCARECROW

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Raven Down Bag Co. - Scarecrow

We are proud to be able to offer up these Limited Edition Spencer Makenzies Throwdown Edition bags for sale!  

The Scarecrow bags from Raven Down feature a familiar feel and material to some of the most popular bags on the market!  These bags rate about a 7/9 on the scale and have material much like a Surefire or AllSlide 2.0 paired up with super quick and pliable fast side.  The Scarecrow is a fuller feeling bag than it's counterparts allowing for a much better feel in the hand than it's looser counterparts.  This bag is one of the best feeling on the market today!  You will not be disappointed with the all new Scarecrow bags! 

They are available in day and night colors and ON Sale for the initial release!

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