Bean Bag Toss

Bean Bag Toss

What is bean bag toss?

Bean bag toss is another name for the game and sport of Cornhole.  Originally cornhole bags were often times referenced as bean bags, so the name of the game for many players was known as bean bag toss.  

Today, the more commonly used term for the sport is Cornhole.  Cornhole originated due to the "bean bags" being filled with corn to provide the fill of the bags.  Now plastic resin pellets have taken the place of beans and corn as the most common material used to fill cornhole bags as it more durable, doesn't break apart and create dust which can seep through the bag material, and it is resistant to water.  This means you can play in the rain, drop your bags in a puddle, and even wash your cornhole bags without harming or taking away any of the playability of your bags.

Bean Bag Toss or Cornhole, are both terms that are interchangeable when referencing this game we all love, but when you watch the sport on ESPN, CBS, NBC or any other broadcast network today it is most likely that the phrase bean bag toss will never be heard.  As cornhole gains in popularity around the world, the former term will likely be phased out and never even heard by new players of the game.  But reference bean bag toss to any "old timer" and they will gladly take you up on a game of tossin' bags!

No matter what you call it, as long as your having a good time throwing some bags, that's all that matters!  Good luck on your next match! 

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