About Us

Dirty Bags Cornhole

We are committed to building a bigger and better San Diego Cornhole community while serving the entire Cornhole community by selling the best of breed Cornhole equipment available on the market.  Dirty Bags Cornhole partners and sells only the top of the line cornhole gear available, providing professional grade bags, boards, attire, and accessories!

We love the game of Cornhole, and though we may not be very good at it, we still enjoy the game!  But that doesn’t stop us from organizing some righteous Cornhole Tournaments for us and our friends in San Diego!

Dirty Bags Cornhole is committed to organizing some of the best tournaments in San Diego, with over the top and ridiculous accompanying marketing material for your sheer entertainment.  We are working to help bring popularity to Cornhole in San Diego by organizing cash prize events that are open to anyone of any skill level.  Cornhole is a ridiculously popular game in other parts of the United States, but here on the west coast it just hasn’t taken off like we think it could.  So we invite you to come out and play some cornhole, whether you are a seasoned pro, and tailgate champ, a backyard baller, or a complete rookie, you will have fun at one of our cornhole tournaments!  San Diego Cornhole will be a better place with you involved, so come on out and toss a few bags!

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