What is Deckaround?

Have you heard the term Deckaround being discussed at your local Cornhole League Night or recent cornhole tournament in your area and wondered what exactly it is people are talking about when they mention their Deckaround score?!


In short, the Deckaround is a way to measure your cornhole throwing ability using a very easy and non time consuming manner giving yourself an opportunity to get an idea of how well you are throwing at this time, and then being able to measure how much you have improved the next time you throw a Deckaround and try to increase your score!

It is a great practice tool when you do not have another player to throw bags against, and will give you an idea of where you stand when compared to your friends and even the pros!

Here are the guidelines for a Deckaround including some basics that many cornhole players will already know:


  • Cornhole Boards are placed 27 feet apart from each other from the fronts of the boards
  • You will throw 10 Rounds in total in the same lane that you started
  • Each round you will throw 4 bags
  • Keep score of each round, for example 2 bags in the hole, 1 on the board, and 1 off the board is a total of 7 points for that round
  • At the end of 10 rounds, you tally up your total score, and that is your Deckaround score for that session.
  • A perfect score for a round of Deckaround is 120 points, which is all 40 bags in the hole!

It's that easy! Let us know what you scored and let's see how you stack up against the best cornhole players in the world! 

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