Cornhole Tournament DBC 23

DBC 23 - A Farewell to Wags

Doubles Cornhole Tournament at Tecolote Park

Dirty Bags Cornhole returns with DBC 23 "Farewell to Wags" which will take place at Tecolote Rec Center in the Bay Park area of San Diego where we'll have 16 setsready to go!

For the last 2 years, Austin Wagner has really encompassed and captured what we're all about here and we're gonna miss him tremendously as he relocates to 
Georgia.  I'm sure Drew Brown, Matt Dice and Coy Brackett will take good care
of him!

DBC23 will feature a Pool Play Doubles first round which will be made up of groups of 4 to 6 teams.  Top teams will advance to a seeded Double Elimination Tier A tourney while the bottom teams will compete in a separate Tier B or Tier C seeded  event.

If time permits after doubles, we will also have a Singles tourney for those who are interested.  Depending on interest we'll do an Uppers and Lowers Single 
Elimination tourney where the Winner's bracket will be best 2 out of 3.

Doubles: $40 per team

Singles (If time permits): $10 per player

Warm ups and check in will take place between 9am and 9:45 with Doubles Pool Play getting started by 10am.

Come on out and enjoy a day of bags with some of SD's finest and enjoy a last San Diego hurrah with Austin Wagner.  Coronado Brewery is real close by for those that want to hit it up afterwards!

Please pre-register using the form below.

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