Special Announcement

Dirty Bags Cornhole and BG Cornhole Partnership

We are excited to announce that Dirty Bags Cornhole has partnered with BG Cornhole to bring you a co-branded all new lineup of bags and boards!

We will be offering customized BG Cornhole bags allowing us to offer some amazing bags to your arsenal including a full lineup of carpet bags!

Each of these bags will be available in several designs and the catalog of available custom printed bags will continue to increase over time.  Initially we are starting things off with a single design across all BG Cornhole Bag options including: Wizards, Vikings, Warlocks, and Dark Slide 2.0 bags.

We will also be offering full customization for BG Cornhole Bags.  Options will be made available for you to provide us with what you would like your bags to look like and just as we have always done in the past with all of the other bags in our lineup, we will create for you, your own custom bags!

Additionally, we will be offering db/BG co-branded professional quality cornhole boards that are certified for ACL Competition level of play!  These boards will continue to be the same superior quality boards we sell today, manufactured right here in the U.S.A.  

All BG Cornhole items will be available for purchase at dirtybagscornhole.com beginning on March 30th, 2022.

Along with our already amazing bags and equipment we currently sell we believe this will bring our customers the full spectrum of bag choices and hope to have cornhole bags to fit every one of your needs!

Thank you all for your continued support and we hope you value this new partnership as much as we do!