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Dirty Bags Cornhole

Airmail Box - 3/4" Baltic Birch

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Airmail Box - 3/4" Baltic Birch

Lead Time - 1-2 Weeks

This listing is for (1) Printed Airmail Box made of 18mm (3/4") Baltic Birch!

Patches are common on this product even on the tops and will not be exchanged for patches. It is also recommended to sand the holes and edges of the top of the airmail box as needed!

Practice like a Pro! Our Airmail boxes have a Large sturdy base! Every piece is cut with precision on an industrial CNC router!

Our Airmail boxes also feature a large handle on the back, which allows for easy portability.

*UV Clear Coat is only on the top and the base! We do not clear coat the front, back, or sides. The parts are too small for our process.

Please note that for our Airmail Box, we apply a clear coat exclusively to the top and bottom pieces, as the side pieces are too small to be processed through our clear coat system.

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