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BG Cornhole

Custom Designed ShapeShifters

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ShapeShifter BG Cornhole Bags - Custom Design

  • Bag Type: Mid/Fast Bag
  • Collection: Custom
  • Series:  Design Your Own Bags
  • ACL Pro Stamp
  • Half Set: 4 Bags

BG Cornhole ShapeShifter Bags

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The Shapeshifter is BG Cornhole's next generation of mid/fast bags featuring a larger template than the traditional BG lineup paired up with a very controllable yet smooth slow side, and an all new to market fast side material that will make it's way easily up the slowest of board conditions with ease!

This is a finesse bag that is extremely hole friendly allowing players to squeeze through tight block and hugging the hole when close.  The speed rating is a 6/9.5.

American Cornhole League Pro Stamp is on all BG Cornhole Bags