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Dirty Bags Cornhole

Lucky Bags Cornhole - Surefire - Eye Catcher Series

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Surefire Cornhole Bags - Eye Catcher Series

  • Bag Type: Medium/Fast Bags
  • Manufacturer: Lucky Bags Cornhole
  • Series: Eye Catcher
  • Set of 4 Bags
  • Speed Rating: Slow Side 5 | Fast Side 8

The Lucky Bags Cornhole Surefire is one of the hottest bags on the market!  These bags have become one of the most popular bags not only on the professional circuit, but at every level of play!

One of the most sought after bags on the market. It's versatility is sure to bring your game to the next level with its capability of blocking and unsurpassed ability to push through the competition. You don't have to look far to see these bags in action. These hot designs are sure to turn heads as you slay through your opponents.