db Devils Mask Boards

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ACL Tournament Cornhole Boards - DB Devil's Mask

Dirty Bags Cornhole boards are made in the U.S.A., with 11 ply cabinet grade birch plywood.  These cornhole boards feature a cross beam underneath to prevent bag bounce, and are perfectly coated for a great slide!  

They feature no screws, nails, or staples on the deck and have rounded corners, ensuring that your bags do not snag and tear when landing on these boards!

These boards are built exactly to the American Cornhole League specifications with a finished look all around, featuring routed edges, legs, braces and hole.  

Play what the pros play and get ready for the big tourneys on your set of Dirty Bags Cornhole Boards!

Note: These are the same boards used at the ACL Nationals and ESPN broadcast tournament events!